This site is put up to honor the memory of the late Dr. Seyyed Mohammad Hossein Zahraie as requested by his spouse, Nayereh (Nayer) A. Mahjoubi.


Mohammad and Nayer lived a devout and loving life together for over half a century (57 years), ´till the passing away of Mohammad did do them part. However, as have been a witness, this parting has been in the physical sense only.


Mohammad, if present, would have believed that we live only in the confines of this world. But, the continuing love of Nayer for Mohammad has certainly proven that love prevails and extends over and beyond that which physically exists in this world. One could say that for sure their love is everlasting.




People and folks who have a memory (in picture or written form) of Mohammad are welcome to submit that document via the 'Contact Us' link and/or the email address of the web-author below.



Faramak Zahraie

15 December 2010

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