He was born on September 24th 1924 in the city of Isfahan. The first child of an Islamic clergy man, named Seyyed Ali who for many years (up to the age of 60), yearned to have a child, especially a son. He was named Mohammad. With his birth the house was immersed in joy and happiness. Although, there were more children born, following his birth, Mohammad had his special place in the family.


Mohammad was so bright and clever that he started elementary school at the age of five. At third grade the school administration promoted him to fourth. He was fifteen years old, in the last year of high school, when he lost his father.


Mohammad always thought of continuing his studies at Tehran University, studying natural science, especially physics and mathematics. But, with the bread winner of the family having passed away, he instead chose veterinary school, which offered financial aid.


While studying at the veterinary school, he worked at different medical laboratories and institutes to learn more. He was twenty years old when he received his doctorate degree from the veterinary school. In the same time he passed the board examination for Medical Laboratory Sciences, as it was called in Iran. Thus, he got a license to open a medical laboratory in Iran.


After this he started his draft service, which lasted for a year. At the age of twenty one, the family sold the deceased father's home and using his share of inheritance, Mohammad opened his private medical laboratory in the city of Isfahan. At the same time he was hired by the Ministry of Health to be working at the Health Institute in Isfahan.


He married, Nayereh, when he was twenty three years old. He had his first son, Siamak, when he was twenty four years old; Babak, his second son, at twenty six; Faramak, his third son, when he was thirty three years old and Faranak, a daughter, at thirty five.


Between 1948 and 1955, he had very hard times with the Shah's government as for three times he became a political prisoner, due to his political opinions. After his third release from prison, he decided to leave politics alone and to re-open his medical laboratory. After awhile, he was re-hired by the Ministry of Health again.


The rest of his life, most of his time was spent with the family and research in medical laboratory sciences. He developed his career, to found one of the best well known laboratories in Tehran (Farabi Laboratories). After he passed away (March 5, 2002) in Seattle Washington; the Organization of Medical Laboratories of Iran, in a session devoted to his remembrance, announced a minute of silence to honor his soul, as one of the founder's of Medical Laboratories in Iran.




14 December, 2010

Written by, Faramak Zahraie

As told by, Nayereh Azam Mahjoubi (his wife)

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