A Turning Point in My Life



I was sixteen years old, and I was studying in high school at twelve grade. I was planning to continue my study when I lost my father, the breadwinner of the family. That event caused all my wishes to perish. I didn’t despair. I had only one alternative, to sell my share of the hereditary house, so that I could afford to continue my study, and despite of all recommendations against that decision, I took the risk. All the success in my life has resulted from that decision. Without that determination I wouldn’t be the same student in the class.


If I hadn’t made that decision to sell my share of hereditary house, I wouldn’t have been able to study.


If I hadn’t studied, I wouldn’t probably been here in the United States. If I hadn’t been immigrated to the United States, I wouldn’t have been in this class. And If I hadn’t been in this class, I wouldn’t have been writing this assignment. Then please forget it all because all of those would be false. But I hope they wouldn’t be false and they aren’t, because I am here, and I have written this composition. Then they should all be real.



M. H. Zahraie

March 18, 1997


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