Blackness and Whiteness



Whiteness and blackness, or lightness and darkness are like twins that live together. When we talk about light, unconsciously it reminds us of darkness and vice versa. I agree with Mark Kit when in his essay he writes, “ Lighting the Lantern, “ says:    “ To see light more clearly, I should look at it from darkness,” I only wanted to add something to that: to have a look on the other side of the coin, to those people who stand in lightness, but unfortunately, have darkness in mind.


I remember when I was a teen, my father had some guests who were addicted to opium; and he would prepare the facilities for smoking opium for them. (On those days, it was customary that in parties or feasts they prepared facilities for smoking opium because many people were addicted, and if they did not provide those facilities, there were no feast.)


 I saw those addicted people and their miseries, and I decided to avoid any addictive thing. I had seen those people who were so addicted to opium if by any reason their opium smoking had been delayed, they had drowsiness, headache, tears running down their eyes, and mucus running down their noses and they showed other disgusting complications that you cannot stand on that. From the darkness of smoking opium, and seeing the harmful effects of that, I lit my way of “no addiction,” and it caused me to always avoid even testing any kind of narcotics. Even though the majority of my friends or colleagues were cigarette smoker, I never used even a cigar. If in some occasions I drank one glass of beer or half a glass wine, but I never go beyond that. I was decisive not to become addicted to anything.


It is not always the case. Some people are sitting in the full light, but darkness attracts them. I knew many people who lived in an appropriate family with all suitable facilities who were attracted to narcotics, alcohol and cigars, and they have ruined their lives. Some of them became suicidal, and lost their lives because of addiction. Once I had this experience with one of my close friend and once with one of my relatives that doctors could save the life of the second one only.


I know some people who have learned a lesson from their divorced parents to make a stable and lucky family. The darkness of their parents’ families led them to the lightness of their own prosperous families. Conversely, I know some people from prosperous families who lost their lives because they were capricious; they were not able to lead their own families to the way of lightness.


Another example: I saw many people from illiterate families who felt their needs to learn and study, and they tried hard for their goals and succeeded. On the contrary I saw some people from educated families who were careless, and didn’t succeed in their studies.


It is right that standing in darkness, we could have a better aspect of the lightness, but when we are standing in the lightness we have to be aware of the dark holes in front of us because sometimes the luminescence of the light causes dazzlement of our eyes and prevents us from seeing the dark hollows. Falling down in those hollows, which sometimes are profound, makes us difficult or sometimes impossible to come out.



M. H. Zahraie

August 4, 1997



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